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The Air Suvidha Self-Declaration Form is very important if you want to travel to India. It was introduced as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The government of India introduced this system as a safety measure to fight with the Covid-19. It is required to submit the application at least 72 hours earlier before the planned arrival. In some cases, you will need to attach test results to the application.

What is the Air Suvidha?

International passengers must submit a Self-Declaration Form about their current health status as well as personal, travel, and contact information. It is possible thanks to the Air Suvidha system introduced by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. In this obligatory declaration, you will be asked to provide information about yourself and your trip. Air Suvidha enables people from all around the world to get permission to go to India. You can use the portal in order to apply. Currently, no application on smartphones or tablets is available. What is more, Air Suvidha Self-Declaration Form can be submitted entirely online and received in PDF form via email. Before your trip, you should get an approved form and print it. It is required to board the plane and enter India.
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Who needs to complete the Air Suvidha?

All passengers coming from high-risk countries who would like to visit India must fill in Air Suvidha Self-Declaration Form. If you are coming from China, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, or Japan, you should apply 72 hours earlier before your arrival. Children’s forms should be filled out by their guardians or parents. You need to show the approved form to the Indian authorities.

Air Suvidha Declaration Form Requirements

Before applying check the documents that you need to prepare in order to be accepted. In that way, you will save your time and nerves. So what is required? When you want to fill out the Air Suvidha Self-Declaration Form, you must have:
  • Valid passport
  • Vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test result
  • Electronic device with an internet connection
  • Active email
  • Working phone number.

How to complete the India Air Suvidha?

Completion of the Air Suvidha Self-Declaration Form is very simple and intuitive. You just need to:
  1. Fill in the information on the online form.
  2. Send the requested supporting documents.
  3. Pay the fee.
  4. Check your email inbox and receive a PDF confirmation of the form.
Important! Before you click on the send button, double-check provided information to prevent some difficulties.
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Information necessary to submit the Air Suvidha online form

You may also wonder what information you need to fill out in the form. It is required to submit:
  • Personal data (name, surname, date of birth, etc.)
  • Contact details (email address and phone number)
  • Details of the flight (number, seat number, etc.)
  • Travel data (date of arrival, address of stay in India)
  • Health status (yes or no questions about symptoms)
  • Travel history (countries that were visited within 14 days).

Covid-19 Entry Requirements

The requirements regarding Covid-19 were last changed in January 2023 by the government of India. Now, you need to be tested against COVID-19 only if coming from high-risk countries. You need to provide information regarding your health via the Air Suvidha portal and upload the valid RT-PCR test report. Provide accurate and proper details. Otherwise, you may come across some problems. Children under 12 years old don’t need to be tested, but still, they need to complete the Air Suvidha Form (only if traveling from high-risk countries). Also, according to the government of India, quarantine is not required anymore. What is more, there are still some Covid-19 procedures that you need to take into consideration when you arrive in India:
  • Random testing (2% of travelers)
  • Temperature screenings
  • Self-monitoring for 14 days.
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Registration guide for the Air Suvidha users

Registration is very simple, so just grab the necessary documents and electronic device with an internet connection:
  • Visit the Air Suvidha page
  • Fill out flight information
  • Upload a copy of the passport
  • Upload test or vaccination certificates
  • Fill in the mobile number and email
  • Double-check and confirm that provided details are accurate
  • Submit data in Air Suvidha Self-Declaration Form
  • Agree with the terms and confirm that the given information is authentic.


Why do I need to submit the Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form?
It is required by the Indian government to submit the Air Suvidha. If you want to travel to India you need to fill out a declaration form.
When should I complete the Self Declaration for India?
You should complete the Self Declaration for India at least 72 hours earlier than your trip in order to avoid delays and problems.
What is required to complete the Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form?
You need a valid passport, vaccination certificate, or a negative PCR test result, an electronic device with an internet connection, an active email, and a working phone number. Then you should fill out the form with the needed information.
How to submit the Air Suvidha application?
In order to submit the Air Suvidha, you need to go to the Air Suvidha website, provide accurate information, and send the form. After that, wait for the confirmation that will be sent to your email.
What are the latest changes in entry restrictions for passengers traveling to India from high-risk countries?
From January 2023, all passengers coming to India on international flights from China, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, and Japan must have a valid RT-PCR test produced no earlier than 72 hrs prior to departure. They are also required to fill out the Air Suvidha Declaration Form,
Do I still need to have the Air Suvidha Form if arriving from non-high-risk countries?
No. The air Suvidha is currently required only if coming from high-risk countries.
Is completing the Air Suvidha Form necessary for children traveling from high-risk countries?
Yes. All underage travelers flying to India from one of 6 high-risk countries also need to complete the Air Suvidha Form. Children younger than 12 are only exempted from pre-departure and post-arrival random COVID-19 testing.
Should I also complete the Air Suvidha if entering India by sea?
No, Air Suvidha is dedicated only to air passengers.
I’m transiting through a high-risk country before arriving in India. Should I fill out the Air Suvidha Form and upload an RT-PCR test result?
The requirement to have the COVID-19 negative test and completed Air Suvidha Form applies to all passengers transiting through high-risk countries irrespective of the originating country. The only exemption applies if a transit passenger is not seeking immigration in a high-risk country.
Do I need to have a valid RT-PCR test to enter India?
The RT-PCR tests are mandatory only for travelers coming from high-risk countries whether fully vaccinated or not.
I’m only transiting India. What address do I need to put in the Air Suvidha form?
If you are not able to provide the Indian address because you are just transiting India, please provide the address in the country of your final destination.
When should the Air Suvidha Form be completed if the PCR test result cannot be taken earlier than 72 hrs before travel?
Since the test cannot be taken earlier than 72 hrs before travel, the Air Suvidha Form should be best completed 3 days before departure time as well.
Do I still need to take an RT-PCR test even after being vaccinated with 3 doses (2 doses + booster dose)?
The RT-PCR test is mandatory for arrivals from any of the high-risk countries, irrespective of the traveler’s COVID-19 vaccination status.
Should the traveler’s name on the RT-PCR test report be the same as the name of the traveler on the passport?
Yes, the test details must correspond to passport details.
How much does it cost to complete the India Air Suvidha Form?
Submitting the India Air Suvidha Form requires no fees on the official governmental website. If you decide to use our website, you need to cover the cost of professional assistance of our consultants, who help you at any stage of your application.
What documents should I have to complete the Air Suvidha?
You will need to prepare your valid passport as well as an RT-PCR test result taken no earlier than 72 hrs prior to departure,
What are the preventive measures for travelers coming to India?
You should maintain social distancing and wear a mask if possible. After your arrival in India, you may be selected to undergo random post-arrival testing.
Should I have international health insurance to travel to India?
No, it is not mandatory. Nevertheless, having comprehensive travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage is highly recommended for all travelers, not only if coming from high-risk countries.